Pets And Leather Furniture
Written by Creative Leather on 4/23/2011

Pets And Leather, Go Together...

It is estimated that 39% of all households own pets, and when it comes time to pick out that new sofa, many are conflicted on fabric or leather. Many consumers already know that fabric is enticing to cats because they can easily dig in the claws and use as a scratch pad, leaving you with a shredded sofa.   Leather is much more difficult for nails to go through and is extremely rare. Fabric will also trap hair and odors where leather can be easily wiped down.

Some of the best leathers to choose from if you own pets are "protected" leather or a "pull-up" leather.   A protected leather has a finish applied after the dying process that makes a leather very difficult to scratch or stain. This has very easy cleanup which can be done without hiring someone like you normally would if you had fabric. A pull-up leather is a natural leather that has a wax or oil applied during the tanning process and when scratched, you can easily rub the scratches out. This leather is a more distressed type of leather which if deeper scratches from a sharp cat or dog nail happen, it will blend in with the natural markings of the hide.

With leather you will also find that cleaning is a much easier task than that old fabric sofa.   You can purchase cleaning and conditioning products to clean your leather and it is a basic "wipe on, wipe off" process. This can take you less than an hour to clean a sofa and loveseat. Fabric, well, you would normally call in a "steam cleaner" and the costs well exceed the cleaning supplies for leather. Pet hair also gets trapped in the fabric fibers and you never really get all of it up when vacuuming. With leather, you simply just wipe it away.

Bottom line is this, with knowing all this, why wouldn’t you buy leather?

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