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European Style Furniture, Old World Furniture

The outstanding characteristics of the Old World Furniture style are the sense of history, the grandness of space, and feeling of comfort it gives to the most private of rooms. Old World style refers to design that reflects a timeless European styling with classic touches and intricate details. This is why Old World furniture is often referred to as European-style furniture.

Old World design furniture makes use of rich wood carvings, stone, as well as warm fabrics and tapestries. Leather is used heavily in Old World living and dining room furniture for its rich color and comfortable and broken-in look.. Part of what makes Old World leather furniture so inviting is the time-worn effect of soft and luxurious leathers. For many people, a large and worn-in leather chair is simply too irresistible to pass up.

A gracious sense of space and a commanding architectural presence are typical of Old World style. That's why oversize old world leather furniture fits beautifully in large rooms with impressive architectural details and accessories. The worn look of leather blends in well with the deep and rich palette of the Old World style, and the large scale further enhances the grandness of the space.

While it is not impossible to find appropriately-sized Old World furniture for your home in regular furniture stores, it is very difficult to find just the right piece to match your existing furniture and take up the required amount of space. That's why Creative Leather specializes in making custom Old World furniture pieces, among other things. Ask us about out Old World bedroom and Old World dining furniture.